The Artist

Tammy Evans

tammy-evans vacation-painting

Tammy attended MCJVS Vocational School) her Junior and Senior years of High School. Majoring In “Graphic Arts”. She decided to pursue a career in Printing / Print finishing. Tammy spent almost 30 years in the industry before saying “this isn’t fun anymore “She pursued another career for several years before deciding to “pick up a brush “. “I always wanted a career as a water color artist, but I never had the time, plus I could not make a living at it”. 

   Tammy married her husband in 2014 (who had NO Idea that she could paint) she decided that she wanted to give him a “special gift” she decided to give him a painting and so it began! “Vacation “was born”. Tammy now call’s Mobile Alabama “home “where she and her husband have a small farm with as she says “lots of babies! We love animals they are my kids” she finds inspiration in them most of her paintings of farm animals are “our kids”.  She finds inspiration in almost everything “I never know what will pop into my head or when! It makes things exciting! I like to evoke an emotion in people with my art. That is my goal”


"Come be moved by The Colour of Water"- Tammy Evans